Concerns about movement

Is it normal to stop feeling your kid move after you had a stressful event happened because my son was very active and then all of a sudden after I had a very stressful day the other day he just is not moving as much as he was is that cause for concern to like go to the doctor and get him checked out
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Doesn’t hurt to call triage to get the right information

@Jade I called they told me not to come in and I had an appointment today

And I assume you let them know how you felt correct that he wasn’t moving as much

Could not have a correlation to the stressful event could just be an off day I would chug some water maybe eat something a tad sweet if you’re worried!

I had that happen yesterday. Sometimes they just slow down or they move positions and kick the placenta instead of your uterus! It’s normal. I would say, we have a Doppler for baby’s heartbeat at home, so if that gives you peace of mind I’d order one! They’re really easy to use (limited use is recommended) and I check my little one once a week just to be sure he’s doing alright heartbeat wise.

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