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The OB made me poke my finger for 2 weeks and diagnosed me with GB because my fasting labs were ranging from 94-100 (has to be below 90) but everything else after breakfast, lunch and dinner were below 140. I don’t believe I have GB. She’s only diagnosing me by looking at only the fasting results and not looking at the overall results. Anyone go through this? She was quick to tell me I needed insulin and I said NO. She made me do an U/S to see growth because I was “measuring bigger” and the U/S was perfect. I am measuring just on time and no extra fluid and still insisting in insulin. Thoughts? I’m 33w 3days
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What is gb??

Gestational diabetes

Do you have a history of diabetes in your family??? Also you can ask for the glucose test because that's not right for that OB telling you , you have GD but you don't and wants you to take insulin. I did the glucose test with both my kids and passed the hour one with both of them. I have a history of type 2 diabetes on my dad side and I got lucky in both of my pregnancies that I don't have type 2 diabetes

Yes this happened to me too. I switched providers. Borderline malpractice to tell women to take insulin with numbers like mine ( and I assume yours)

@Rachael what did you end up doing? So curious. Did you have your baby already?

This happened to me. No insulin was pushed on me but they did push on me to change my diet to correct the numbers and I had to test 4x-6x daily and turn them in every week. My numbers gradually got better when I was following the diet. My daughter was on the bigger side but only at 8lbs. I was a scheduled CS so we didn’t have to worry about shoulder dystocia for me but that is a concern with babies born to a mom with GD.

The other concern is if your BS is off, the baby can have unstable BS levels immediately after being born which are hard to control. I had GD both pregnancies and both girls ended up being fine after birth.

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