Mamas I need help!! We just switched my 13 month old to whole milk but seems like it hurts his tummy and having a hard time going to the restroom 😩 what could I do ?
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Kiwis, papaya , tiny bit of prune juice , bath? I hope your little one feels better my 15 month old never wanted whole milk and hasn’t drank any since trying to switch

Hi Ruth, it’s not uncommon that human babies should have a strong reaction to cow’s milk. After all, cow’s milk IS biologically designed for, well, baby cows. You could try full fat oat milk. One cup has just as much calcium as cup of cow’s milk ☺️

@Sandy thank you hun 🥹 so what does your baby drink ?

My baby drinks almond milk occasionally and I still breastfeed him. The pediatrician said as long as he getting calcium in other ways such as cheese yogurt and calcium rich foods he is okay not even drinking milk.

My pediatrician recommended giving my son some prune, pear or mango juice and it worked wonders! The natural sugars help things along.

You can massage their tummies. But try a different milk. Mine had no problem but my nephews had to drink goat milk and rice milk cause they couldn't withstand cows milk

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