Mum guilt 😭

I’ve just accidentally caught LGs head with my elbow while leaning across her on the bed. She cried for about 30 seconds, is fine and having a feed now. I am not fine 😭😭 just looking for solidarity that accidents happen to best of us! X
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My little girl head butted my tooth today and now has a bruise tooth mark on the top of her head.. Accidents can and WILL happen, its apart of life. Don't be so hard on yourself. A cuddle fixes most accidents ❤️🤞

@Emily thank you! I know the worrying signs to look out for and have kept her up a bit longer, but she’s fine in herself I just feel awful x

I put my boy on the bed the other day sat leaning back on some pillows, I misjudged how close he was to the bedside table and before I knew it he had leaned over to one side and banged his head on the table. I felt awful but he only cried for a bit and seemed fine after. Accidents happen and they soon forget about it x

I think we have all done something like this, I bumped her head on the bathroom door before! Its not ideal but these things do happen to everyone so dont beat yourself up ❤️

My LB headbutted me a few weeks a go and screamed so much. Neither one and a mark and he was fine in minutes. About a month ago I knocked his head when putting him in the car seat, already in the car, he was fine. I cried my eyes out. I rang my sister in tears and she just laughed at me telling me everyone does it at some point. It's probably traumatised you a lot more than your LO x

Thanks all! I’ve spoken to my mum husband and friend and they’ve all said she’s fine, as long as she calmed down when I’ve given her a cuddle and had a feed and acting normally. It’s the first time I’ve ever “made” her cry - it’s a whole new level of mum angst!!! X

Absolutely been there with my first, trying to get a morning family bed pic and i misjudged moving closer to her and bam elbowed her in the head 🙈. She will be fine!

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