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Genuine question here, how are people getting ready and doing their hair, makeup etc and feeling put together. Partner works so its just me and my boy and I have no idea how to get ready and feel more myself when he cant play on the floor for more than 5 minutes on his own. From a mum who doesn't feel like herself anymore 😔
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I’ve a child who literally cat naps all day and also won’t play for about longer than 5 mins on his own. Have zero time for hair and make up anymore and I envy all the mums who do 😂

I always try to get ready before my partner goes to work. I try to put makeup on every day and do my hair just to feel a bit better. What time your partner leaves the house ?

I’m finally able to put him in the next2me or in middle of our bed, put some nursery rhymes on and get ready. He loves watching me do things, and I’ll just sing/chat to him as I get ready. Sometimes will give him a toy, or he’ll play with his feet!

A lot won’t agree with me on this one but I use the tv in my bedroom to keep lo occupied as well as toys. He watches something like fireman Sam and I can shower, dress and do hair etc while he happily watches tv and plays. I also did the same with eldest 8 years ago ☺️

I get ready during first morning nap. My little one goes in her cot in the nursery for naps but I've worked hard to get this routine in place 🙃🫠

I get ready first thing in the morning. Have my LB on the bed with his Daddy (albeit he might still be sleeping), but if he starts to fuss Daddy snuggles with him. If I'm showering I pop him in his rocking chair with some toys in the doorway to the bathroom so he can still see me, and me him, and this works a treat for us x

Get ready in stages 🤪 Ideally get ready when asleep, but that never happens always wake when you put them down... Either put cbeebies on or bring bouncer in bathroom corner with a toy or teddy. Distraction helps and so does singing any songs or nursery rhymes..YouTube on phone is a must have! Optional: playing, feeding, changing between the stages! Stage 1 shower and clothes on Stage 2 wash face and teeth Stage 3 brush hair into ponytail Stage 4 makeup with constant picking up of toys in-between applying makeup Stage 5 final touches like earrings, sort handbag etc

For me things changed a lot when she started to be able to sit for a period of time. I don’t do my hair or makeup in a typical day but I find now that she can sit if I put toys in front of her she will play by herself for 10-15 minutes (she wouldn’t play whilst laid down so this is a big improvement) and this gives me time to make a nicer lunch than normal and generally do what I want to do x

If i have time ill usually do it in his first nap, which is max 30 mins, I’ve just gotten really good at getting ready fast 🥲🤣 but most of the time I don’t bother unless im going somewhere, I’ll just slick my hair back and skincare whilst he’s playing for 5 mins. I also sometimes take him into the bathroom whilst I shower and he doesn’t mind chilling on the floor on play mat or blanket with a couple toys

barely get my little one ready as each time I get them dressed they decide to do a blow out? then if I do get ready they decide to spit up on me or decide to cry so much I spill milk on me😂 the day I get time to dress up plans get cancelled or I look like a complete zombie near the time I gotta head out 😭

I shower at night and leave out mine and babys outfit the night before even if its just leggings and jumper so I can get ready when she is asleep- first morning nap is 30 mins in her bed so I put monitor on and go hell for leather and wash the bottles, prep the flasks to take out, get myself dressed, face wash and a tiny bit of make up and hair. When she wakes she just chats to herself so I leave her for another 10-15 mins if I can get away with it lol

I sit at the table with baby in the high chair with a mirror in front of me/ also while eating food myself My make up currently lives on the dining table. I know it’s probably not a good thing as the high chair should just be for food but he watches me eat. I use it several times in the day. Take it in the kitchen with me so baby can watch me prepare food. He can’t play on his own for longer than a few minutes so it’s hard. Or I do it during his first nap. Some mornings it happens in stages like face cream then 20 minutes later foundation. I try to snatch the little minutes where I can.

My husband showers and gets ready while I do the first feed of the day and then he takes the baby to change, cuddle and play while I shower and get ready and he doesn’t leave for work until I’m done. On days when that falls apart as a plan I shower when he’s napping and then sit on the mat next to him and chat or sing to him while he plays and I do my makeup

It is tough to find time some days 🙈 i’ll usually have to sacrifice lunch if I want to shower and put on makeup afterwards! If he’s awake he’s happy to be in his bouncer while i’m in the shower or if I just need to do makeup I have a little chair thing I pop him in and give him some toys! I know not everyone agrees with screen time but my boy loves super simple songs on youtube and this will keep him entertained for a little bit if none of the above works!

Shower in the morning before both kiddos wake up. Get them ready, brekkie, etc. Whilst it's their play time, I do my hair and quick makeup. I also put the tele on, which helps my eldest one. My LO doesn't care for it. She's happy playing in her play gym.

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