Loosing my mind!

Hey, I’m having very intense contractions today. I had a sweep on sunday.. The day after I started having contractions which then eased during the day.. Wednesday same thing happened. Then today… All morning I had contractions then I managed to catch up on some sleep.. They eased again. But I’ve been having contractions again for over 2 hours. Started at 7 mins apart now gone back up to 12 mins apart. I don’t know what’s going on!! The contractions are super intense 😩. I’ve also lost my mucus plug today. Has anyone else had this?
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Have you rang the midwife? Have you lost your waters?

@Chrystel No I haven’t lost my waters, I am debating on ringing them or not as contractions are not “close enough” and I don’t want to just get sent home. x

I'd phone and get checked over, they might want to put you on a drip to get you moving a bit more contraction wise. Plus it'll get baby on a monitor to see how they're coping with everything x

Hi, I had the same thing - I started having super strong but irregular contractions from 9pm after losing my plug and then went to hospital around 6.30 the next morning after having no sleep - got checked and was only 1cm but they kept me as I was due for an induction - got to 4cm a few hours after that and then had my baby at 1pm that day. If you’re less than 4cm dilated they’ll probably send you home but if you really can’t manage it maybe call them as they’ll be able to offer pain relief for you to at least help and they’ll be able to see how dilated you are at least!

@Jai Hey, I have just rang! They have told me it’s normal and that I should wait until they are regular and strong 😩x

Awww bless you! Try and sleep as much as you can and eat little and often too! Walk and bounce! Good luck 🍀 x

@Christina hey! Well that’s what my plan was, I wanted them to check if i’m actually dilating as my sweep was sunday and have been in a slowww labour for 3 days! Today they are super strong but unfortunately i’ve been told to wait until they are stronger and regular 🙄x

Aw bless you, it’s awful isn’t it? My baby was pushing on a nerve in my back so I was throwing up from the pain - I found the early contractions worse than pushing 😩 I was always told that if you are really struggling they can always do something to help you - is there any way you can ask for some pain relief, I was given codeine to help which eased it a little

@Christina Oh gosh that sounds painful! I keep feeling my babies head against my pelvic bone! Oh wow haha if that’s the case then i’m hoping the next part of labour will be easier… i’m so nervous lol They advised for me to take paracetamol, obviously! because that relieves all the pain x

I had the same for a whole week before my little girl was born they were so intense and I honestly didn’t sleep for like 2/3 days towards the end. The day she was born that morning they were every 2/3 mins apart and they finally allowed me in with me standing my ground. Unfortunately they just tell you to wait it out at home until there closer together😩 I feel your pain, you’ve got this xx

@Sarah Glad i’m not the only one. I thought there was something wrong with my body! It’s the most frustrating thing😩they are super intense your right! x

No nothing wrong with your body! My labour was super quick though within 2 hours of getting to the hospital I went from 2cm to her being here so hopefully it’s the same for you too!x

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