FTM over here. Seriously, how are we handling these tantrums? My one day shy of 11 month old just threw a tantrum for about 20 minutes 🫣 like standing to falling out on the ground tantrum. Completely inconsolable. And nows he’s smiling ear to ear lol He’s entered his terrible twos already even tho that makes no sense and I’m so confused lol. What are some ways you all are approaching tantrums? He’s been a little dependent on his pacifier and I don’t want to just give him it to enhance that need for it.
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Just extra comfort over here. Mine will flail her arms and legs about while screaming. If I pick her back up though she's fine. There's a lot going on right now for her though. Teething, wanting to walk oh so bad, and the typical development around this time. It's a lot, so I just make sure to give lovin's.

My youngest is also having meltdowns at this age. It's just an emotional outburst they need to work through. In my experience it's 80% tired and cranky or teething. If it's at home I literally just let them roll around and ignore. They will soon figure out that doesn't really help anything. You can try to help de-escalate by moving to a new room or space entirely like going outside and in public this is pretty much all you can do. Babies love to get reactions so staying calm is the biggest thing. It's hard to actually teach any coping skills at this age. It's not like they can "Use their words" to express what they need. Don't feel bad if you need to just redirect to something new to snap them out of it. The terrible twos are a different level where they really push boundaries. Emotional meltdowns are just dramatic little shows. Just imagine they are performing contemporary dance. lol.

My son has been doing that lately too. He threw a tantrum for like 25 min the other day 🤦‍♀️ I have been sitting down on the floor with him and I’ll try to hold him and hug him, he doesn’t want to usually be held at this point he will keep running away from me so I’ll just kinda scoot along the floor with him and hold my hands out for him. He knows that means I want to hold him or pick him up, if he doesn’t want to be held he will push my hands away and if he wants to be held he will grab onto my arms to be picked up. When he throws himself down and rolls around I just rub his back. Also side note, his pediatrician said sometimes to us it seems like they are upset for no reason but often something is wrong that we just can’t see and feel. She said try to offer things like a bottle or diaper change, that kinda stuff to make sure nothing is bothering them. Most of the time they are tired hungry or teething. Or possibly gassy/constipated.

my boy started his tantrums around that time! it lasted about a week.. he still does have tantrums but it calmed down for sure. i just give him hugs but usually that doesn’t work so i deter him by making him chase me 🤣 or try to make him laugh. usually solves his tantrums.

currently going through this .. my baby hits her head when she’s mad or hits me

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