Has anyone applied for wait lists when their baby isn’t born yet? I see some nurseries asking for the code you receive on the gov gateway website to get onto the wait list? Is this how it works?
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All the nurseries near me said they were fully booked until next summer (2025) so yes I joined the wait list. In the funding section of the application I just wrote TBC

@Emmo did you just fill out their forms no actual applications as of yet ? X

I don't think you can apply for funding until right before they go? Don't quote me on that. .

@Emmo neither did I, but I saw one nursery I was looking at ask for the funding code upon applying for wait list which I found silly x

A lot of people will be applying later in the kids life though if they are moving nurseries or something.

Hey lovely, I’m the manager of a private day nursery. You won’t be able to get a code until a few months before your child is eligible at the correct age. For the waiting list nurseries most commonly take a deposit and this will secure your place. If you have any questions on what to look out for or want any advice please let me know xx

@Bethany thank you so much xx

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