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Ok so I had my baby 12 weeks ago and I keep thinking about the fact I need to have a smear test soon, I’ve never had one before but since giving birth I get extreme anxiety about the idea of anything going in there because in my mind it’s going to be agony, can anyone share some experiences and advice? Also how long after birth did you wait?
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I had mine yesterday. It was absolutely fine, just a little uncomfortable, but nothing to worry about. It's done within a few minutes! X

I think I had mine 6 months after the birth. Usually after a certain age, maybe 25, don’t remember for sure , you should have it every 3 years. Speak with the gp and they will book you when is needed, depending on your age. If you want a vaginal test/checking you can ask for one as well your gp so you can get some peace of mind.

I had my first one just over a week ago. I always thought it was gonna hurt, but it's nothing. My membrane sweep was more uncomfortable than the smear.

I had my first one 3-4 months after giving birth and felt the exact same way as you beforehand! Honestly felt nothing and was over and done with within seconds! So worth it x

I had mine at my one month checkup appointment because I had turned 21 that month. It was super fast and easy. Just a cotton swab, I believe. They do open you up a bit with this extender thing. But it's super fast, just a little uncomfy. But very quick and not painful at all. They called me with the results the next morning, and everything was good.

I had mine done 4 months PP when I got my IUD put it. It’s that same as before a little uncomfortable but as mentioned above not as bad as my sweep.

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