Breastmilk baby constipated

Over the past few days my 5 week old breastmilk fed baby has started to show signs of constipation after every feed which makes him cry for a good while afterwards. Has anyone else experienced this and know how to prevent it?
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Hi there, I believe from our similar experience that’s normal, try to give a drop of “infacol “ before every feeding and make your baby burps after every feeding.personally it helps me a lot. Good luck 🤞🏻

My girl is like that, apparently it’s normal. They are learning how to poo. She is getting better at doing it. She wouldn’t go all day and then at night she would have a poonami to compensate.

My little girl struggled with her poops and gas, for a good 30mins following s feed her little face would turn red from her straining, her arms and legs would flail about and she'd arch her back, then the tiniest little fart would come out and she'd be instantly relieved. I also gave Infacol a go and it has helped a lot, she still works hard to get it all out but it has helped - particularly with burping her (I roughly try to get a burp from her after every ounce she drinks, she's currently taking 4ounces) Sometimes just sitting her upright or putting her over my shoulder is enough to get a burp from her x

Co lactase helped us

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