Pregnant with toddler

I’m currently pregnant and I have a 1 year old. My patience is so low and I can hardly stand to play with my baby. I feel so bad, and I feel like I’ll be stuck like this forever but I keep trying to remind myself it’s probably cause I’m pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Yes, I just had my second in Feb and my daughter was 22 months at the time. I got pregnant when she was 13 months. My third trimester was really rough and I couldn’t have made it without help from my husband and mom. My toddler required so much that I couldn’t give at the time. It’s very normal and it’s difficult but know that it’s such for a short time and you will be back to normal once the baby is born (newborn chaos aside).

Yes me too! Currently 37 weeks and my son just turned 2 in March. I've felt like total crap the last couple months because I keep yelling at him without meaning to but my patience is so low with him. My parents have been helping out a lot so I can have breaks and that's been really helpful with my patience but I still get frustrated and yell at things I usually wouldn't. Hoping this will go back to normal soon I hate upsetting him

Going through this right now. I literally sit on the couch and watch him play but he likes me to play with him and I literally just don’t have the energy sometimes and feel so bad. Unfortunately don’t have any family around to help

I’m not pregnant and I cannot stand my one year old lately. This is my youngest child, I have two more. With my first born daughter, she was an angel at this age and I really loved spending time with her even while being pregnant, then I remember struggling with my son while also being pregnant. Right now I’m not pregnant and it’s more difficult than it’s even been. I think it depends on an individual child as well as how you feel. I’m definitely overwhelmed, overstimulated and exhausted from years of motherhood and other stuff going on in my life , so these constant one-year-old tantrums and screaming in just unbearable for me, I often zone out because I just..I just can’t

Also wanted to add that pregnancy for sure takes from your “cup” you you need to be refilling it more often, remember to take care of yourself as much as possible! My third pregnancy was very hard on me emotionally, I was so sooo short-tempered which is completely not normal for me

I was going through this 1000% a few months ago. However, after I gave birth. I feel like a new mom. More energy and lighter (obviously), lol

It wasn’t easy for me to be pregnant before my daughter was even one, but when she turned one I lost my patience with her. But I found a way to balance independent play, and time with her on the bed

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