Any advice for getting a very strong toddler in a car seat?

Just spent over an hour. My husband had to come and help. I was in tears by the end too. None of the toys, watching something on my phone etc helped.
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Not the best advice here but have you tried letting your little one go in by themselves? So I open the car door and encourage my little one to go in by herself. She climbs up and feels like little miss independent and is more willing to go into it.

@Sue yes tried that! She’s stood in the seat once or twice and when I help her sit, it’s full tantrum and she won’t even try again. That’s after a lot of waiting and not rushing.

Usually my little one will only go in with video on my phone 🫣 however if I’m phone less, I normally have to look for a plane or helicopter or any kind of vehicle that will distract him enough to sit! It’s very frustrating!! X

I just brought a real of stickers off eBay and each time he goes in well he gets sticker. He also sometimes can be bribed in with food. He likes to wear my sunglasses so that also gets him in.

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