Mucus plug

hey girls. i think iv just lost my mucus plug but my mum said there has to be blood in it but mines just stringy yellow, how long after yous lost your mucus plug did you go into labour? x
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I’ve lost some of mine. The midwife said it’s not really an indication that you’re going into labor soon if there’s no blood. If there is, she said most likely the next few days it’ll get going

you don’t always have to have blood with a mucus plug !🤍 when i lost mine with my son it just looked like i sneezed out of my 🐱🤣 but labor could still be days away even after losing mucus plug im 35 weeks and lost mine about a week ago lol

I lost mine like 2 weeks ago maybe actually maybe more having sex is what caused it for me or exercise or being active can too I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re gonna go into labor soon

With my first it was a week and a half roughly between losing it and labor. But it was disgusting. So much that I 100% thought there was something terribly wrong. It was a mix of colors, though not bloody, more brown, green, yellow, and it was more than I’ve lost this pregnancy as I’ve been losing chunks here and there since about 30ish weeks

Yeah I’ve never heard it has to have blood in it

The blood reference more so correlates with the bloody show which is an indication of cervical changes whereas you can lose your mucus plug and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dilating.

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