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Hey 👋 first time mum and always dreamed of this. I do have a couple questions. When shall I pack my hospital bag + baby bag? I'm so eager 😁
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Usually should be ready about 36 weeks

It’s always a good idea to have an overnight bag ready all the time. Lots of things may mean you get admitted during pregnancy and partners packing bags to bring in is HILARIOUS!!

^ this is a really good tip actually! I ended up in triage twice, both times were late at night and although I didn't stay over, it would've been nice to have my charger ect. I packed around 36 weeks and then finished and triple checked everything at 37 weeks as I was booked for an induction x

Lovely thank you

100% agree with Ceri-Ann in my last pregnancy I ended up needing to stay overnight after my 20w scan and luckily had my bag packed weeks earlier (out of excitement) was such a time saver. I'll be packing mine this weekend (almost 17w) just to have ready. Hopefully won't need it but no harm in having it prepped x

Got mine packed already (I’m15+3) with certain things out but close to the bag so if I’m hospitalised again I’ve already got an overnight bag without needing to carry the whole lot that I’ll need for when I go to have baby x

I always thought to pack at 36 weeks until I got a letter outlining the potential that I will deliver earlier and it really got me thinking. No harm in starting when you feel the time is right for you. I'll buy an overnight bag (like Ceri-Ann mentioned) just after/before my 20 week scan x

Thank you all. I may pack some bits soon 😊 xx

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