Another read i finished today 3 hours not 13 mins

BIHH i was hooked from open to close, so many twists. A thriller which is out of the way for me but i give it a 8/10
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You sold me- I’m buying it now LOL 🫣

I just got a notification today that this one's ready from the libby waitlist!

I hear so much about Colleen Hoover I'm gonna have to check her out.

@Ally Let me know what you think girl!

@Abby i absolutely love libby that way im not spending moneys on books i read even though ill go back and buy them when i want to read again

@Apryl i love her books ngl, verity, ugly love, it ends with us, she's got some pretty good ones

@Taycheawn I think I'll finally read one of her books next! Which one would you recommend?

I enjoyed this one but I found a book right after that I loved even more! It’s called Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine and it’s actually a series but I’m already halfway through the second one and I’m loving it more than the first!

I’m supposed to start this once I finish my current read so I am super happy to hear that it was a good one!

Yeah 8/10. I wasn't really shocked.

I just finished this book. It gave me nightmares so I won’t read more of her books. I actually thought there was supernatural stuff going on. I liked the ending though. I thought the book could have been shorter but it was still good. I prefer Colleen Hoover still. I didn’t like her maybe series though. Thanks for the recommendation. It took me four days to finish this book which is my norm

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