New Book 📚

Who has read this and what are your thoughts? Also looking for book besties💕
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I have this on my TBR list and keep deferring when it becomes available so I hope someone answers you 🙏

@Heather what have you read so far ?

I wasn’t impressed tbh. It checks lots of boxes of things I think in books but something fell flat for me. Have you finished it?

@Haley not yet the little one haven't been letting me get into it

I’m currently reading this as well

I honestly loved it!

@Hailey it's getting good almost done

@Jena how are you liking it

@Tymara I like it seems like it’s a fast read so far!

I liked it a lot. I mostly listened to the audiobook, and that was fantastic

I almost grabbed this one when I went (my husband took me for Mother’s Day) but I chose Her Soul To Take instead. Pls lmk how you enjoy this one!

Loved this. This might be my book of the year. The audio book was perfection 🤌🏾

@Mircale where did you get the audiobook through? I just see the ebook on libby

@Heather I listened to it through audible

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