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Hi, My baby is on Nutramigen (although changing soon because of the shortage!) and gaviscon. She is 13 weeks old and has been on this for about 8 weeks now so it isn’t new to her. For the last week she has had bad reflux again and hates being burped. She will start crying as soon as I take the bottle away as she knows what’s coming! Has anyone experienced this? I’m dreading the idea of having to change milks because of the shortage but maybe this will work better and stop this problem? Has anyone got any experience of this or their baby suddenly hating being burped? Any advice? Thank you!
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Hey, our baby also hates being burped and cries so much when we sit her up. I’ve also just had to change from Nitramigen and the doctor prescribed SMA lactose free just FYI x

Hey, my little boy had the exact same issue. His reflux all stemmed from oral dysfunction/tongue tie which meant his latch wasn’t 100% and he was just inhaling air on the bottle. The only thing that soothed him was the milk going down so every time the milk stopped, he screamed. I’d really recommend The Tongue Tie Centre in London if you can get to it and they can assess feeding for you

@Lauren are you sure it's lactose free sma as that's not cmpa and Dr shouldn't prescribe that for a cmpa baby as lactose is the sugars and cmpa is the proteins

@Emma-louise she’s got suspected CMPA so no idea why my doctor has prescribed this then… 😞

@Lauren yes Dr definitely shouldn't have prescribed that for suspected cmpa I'd definitely ring and ask them for sma athera or aptimil pepti 1 otherwise if baby is cmpa it could cause all symptoms to return

@Lauren hi, just out of interest why are you moving from nutramigen m?

@Emma-louise thank you I will definitely do this xx

@Laura I really don’t want too as my little girl has only just settled on it, but there’s a nationwide shortage and apparently it’s been temporarily discontinued, I called 12 pharmacies and couldn’t even get one tub of it x

@Lauren yes it’s the same around us but I didn’t realise it was being discontinued

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