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I’m desperately looking for an all terrain off road type buggy, out weekends consist of stock car racing and I can not for the life of me get our travel system round anymore as it’s mucky/grass/very rocky. I have seen the out n about nipper but unsure if I can justify £500 for it to simply get destroyed, but then again if I need to then so be it!! Looking for people who have tried and tested This is for my 7 month old but figured you guys all have crazy nearly 3 year olds like my oldest and will have the experience!
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I have had both a single and currently a double out n about and I swear by them … best pushchairs!! I’ve brought both mine second hand, still pricey but also didn’t have £500 for new and I will be going back to single once my nearly 3 yr old no longer wants to sit in the out n about. He’s very tall and always been over the 99th centile for height & weight and still fits comfortably 🩵

Have you checked marketplace? We got the out n about nipper on there for £70 and was basically new! I love it

Been looking religiously on marketplace for a 2nd hand one but most people near me are wanting it for almost the new price and I’d rather buy it brand new then🤣🙈

I got a joie mytrax as we live next to a nature reserve and do lots of walks around there and the horse fields which are rocky and bumpy and the tyres are really good and it’s got good suspension snd it’s reasonably priced. Might be worth looking into? X

We have the Hauk Runner from Amazon- it’s been ideal for everything from muddy dog adventures, and park run to full days out and plane travel.

Before our out n about we also had a baby jogger second hand and that was also good for off roading. Easy one fold handle and folded up nicely which was practical. Just changed to the out n about when my puppy ripped the fabric on the jogger. I’d go out n about over it but I know it’s hard to find one in decent condition 2nd hand and for a good price so I’d say the baby jogger is a close second. I haven’t tried a hauck runner but I live rurally and have seen quite a few people with these too x

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