Glucose test

I’ve got mine this week and REALLY nervous about it. I’m scared I’ll pass out or be sick. Can anyone give any feedback on how there’s went (good and bad)😅
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Had this done yesterday absolutely nothing to worry about 🙋🏼‍♀️ it’s only small cup have to drink, however piece of advise make sure you do actually take food to demolish afterwards because the hunger once they took second lots of blood was intense!

I had mine two weeks ago and it was fine. Do take a mask though because you'll be sitting next to a bunch of women, and some of them may have colds.

I had mine today and was really worried too but the ladies that took my blood said that coz I had drunk a good amount of water, that I would be fine. So deffo keep drinking water! Other than that I’ve felt exhausted all day with a migraine but I was expecting that as I often get migraines with sugar rushes! Agree with others - take food to eat straight after! Something carby.

I had mine yesterday, felt fine yesterday but feeling sick from it today (haven't been sick though luckily!)

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