Getting close!

32 weeks today! Baby is measuring big and breech so probably only 6 more weeks until he’s here! What’s on everyone’s to do list? I started one yesterday and it feels extensive 🤣 this is baby #2 for us so we have the basics.
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I’m 29+ 5 and I don’t even have a to do list and I don’t know where to even start! Can you share your lists for inspo?

I second what Jenny asked— would you mind sharing your list? Due with twins in the next 8 weeks and these are our first, so I have no idea where to start haha.

These lists are so helpful!! Thank you

@Emily I'm loving this but I have peaked energy at like 5 am so I already did Lyras hospital bag but I keep changing it and putting different pacifiers or blankets in it I'm so indecisive right now and we are in the middle of moving so I can't focus on her and my sons nursery yet.

omg these lists are soooo helpful!!! i’m 30w5d and FTM so seeing these helps so much!! i don’t have any sort of list other than getting nursery together & packing the hospital bag! 🤍 seriously appreciate those posting lists!

The only thing on my to do list is clean the house extra tidy and sanitize 😭

Oh wow! All of these lists are so helpful! So much I didn’t think about outside of getting bassinet, baby health items ready!

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