Live in a flat with no lift

hi - I currently live in a flat without a lift on the 2nd floor. I am a bit worried about taking baby out and about because of how difficult it’s going to be to get the pram up and down the stairs. I was planning on leaving the baby in his Moses basket/carry cot whilst I ran the base up and down the stairs, but this causes me so much anxiety. Has anyone else had any experience with this??
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Could you consider wearing the baby in a sling? And then making sure you have a pram that’s lightweight and easy to unfold. I wouldn’t want to leave baby alone - I’d prioritise having an easy pram where you can carry the bassinet in one hand and the base in the other, or use a sling

I was just going to leave the buggy in the car and carry him down or have him in a sling!

I live on the 4th floor and our lift regularly doesn't work. I have a 3 and 1 year old as well as 2 school kids. So for school runs I had the double buggy plus toddler and newborn. I used to pop baby in the sling and then pop the buggy down with one hand and had the toddler on the other side. It was brutal. Not gonna lie but we always left in good time and I made breaks as I needed them. When he was about a month we were given a single buggy, which made it significantly easier 🤣

@Cass I second this, I'm in the same boat and keep the buggy in the car x

My partner takes our pram down to the main level every morning.. there’s a little cubby hole that it sits behind so it’s safe! I then just take baby up and down the stairs, partner will bring pram back up when he comes in from work Works for us x

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