I am 29 years old with a 2 year old son, I have felt fatigue everyday for atleast the last 6 months, my cycle is usually 30-33 days, I have had a sudden and drastic change to my cycle.. a cycle of 49 days, and now another and im on cycle day 47 today accompanied with nausea, body aches and back pain, pregnancy tests are negative, I have seen a Dr today and I have to go for bloods tomorrow, a vaginal exam and I am being sent for a scan (which kind I am unsure) my toddler was getting restless. I am very worried and idk why but I have a sick gut feeling that I'm going to be told I have ovarian cancer, my smear has just come back negative so cervical cancer is unlikely. Idk what I'm looking for by posting this, I think it's mainly to get it off my chest, maybe some reassurance? Or has anyone else experienced this, and it was something else? Maybe I'm just thinking the worst?
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I really hope you get some good news. I had a similar experience, and tenderness at my breasts, what felt like masses and I was scared. I did all the tests and it came back that I have a hormone imbalance due to pregnancy/ BF etc! Maybe explore this too? Could explain your symptoms? Sending you lots of positive thoughts!

Sending you positive thoughts!!! When you do your labs, ask if you're having a full thyroid panel as well (vs the basic three levels) It's quite common that our thyroid gets thrown out of whack due to pregnancy/postpartum and its overlooked as typical mom fatigue.

I went through this it’s scary do you have unusual bleeding I had all the symptoms bur thanks to god mine was a polyp do you have bleeding between ur cycles at all

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