Blood from back passage

I have been going for a poo and once I finish I notice bright red blood coming from my back passage Should I be worried?
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Do you feel constipated? It could be that you’ve got some internal piles that’re bleeding because of constipation and straining.

@Lottie it could be that, thank you x

If the blood is bright red then it's fresh blood and usually comes from in and/or around the anus. Could possibly be piles/hemmorhoids or an anal fissure. Dark blood almost brown to black in colour would be more of a medical concern as it would indicate a problem further up the GI tract x

I had this after my first baby and kiwis saved my life & my bum 😂 I’ve just had my second baby and I’ve had 1 kiwi every day since last Monday and not had any issues with going to the toilet. If you’re not a fan of kiwi then a bowl of bran flakes every morning will really help with softening your stools so they’re easier to pass and as a quick fix, dried apricots!! I ended up in pure agony the first time round and Anusol helped relieve the pain If it gets to that point x

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