Does fertility lube actually work

I’ve heard people having success stories with preseed and other brands but then going on to miscarrying? Is this correct or a myth
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I would say it’s a myth otherwise scientists and doctors would rave about it. Successful implantation equals pregnancy and before that the good sperm needs to reach the egg. Try not to google too much about all of these fads, yes, people may use such things but it wasn’t down to a store bought lubricant the reason why they went onto have unprotected sex and got pregnant…. Don’t waste your money 💵 xx

For the price of it, I think its worth a go. Doesn’t work for everyone (hasn’t worked for me yet) but I think its worth a try because you just never know.

Iv been using it for 8 cycles and no joy yet! But I found it quite dry compared to normal lube I used both preseed and conceive and preseed is 10x better texture

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