Mucus plug

Hi, pretty sure I’ve just lost part of my mucus plug? Not sure as this is my first but it was about the size of a 50p and clear/white and thick like jelly. I’m 31 weeks do I need to call midwife or is it normal at this stage? Thanks x
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It’s pretty normal to lose parts of it, it can grow back :) if it’s bloody or you feel cramping then I’d call your midwife x

This happened to me at 30 weeks you can lose it multiple times and it just grows back! X

Thanks both, trying to stay away from dr Google before I give myself a panic attack 😂 x

No harm in ringing triage for some advice and peace of mind! However I have also heard of people losing it and growing back xx

I lost mine at 37 weeks and had baby 5 days later. It wasn’t clear/white though. I’d say only worry if you have blood at this stage x

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