just curious!

So I always thought my baby had straight hair but after bath time her hair drys like this. I don’t put any product in it or brush it right after bath. Should I start using wavy/ curly products or do y’all thing it’s still straight?
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Looks like baby curls❤️ products would likely be too heavy for her hair as it looks very thin. I used a very light curl moisturizer mixed with water when my sons hair was like this and it made his curls pop!! I don’t recommend anything with coconut oil as it can build up overtime on the hair and follicles and be hard to get out of babies hair and scalp.

Possibly just baby curls. You can still enhance them though. I'd use some curling custard

@Laurie I have pin straight hair so I know nothing about curls, do I put it on while her hair is wet or dry?

@Anna Me too 😂 I did it whilst wet but I think perhaps you can use it when dry too. You literally need the tiniest amount otherwise it'll weigh the hair down

Use a lightweight leave in conditioner spray. You can twist it into little curls and it should stay

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