Induction membrane sweep

So I went in for induction I’m 3cm I take it that’s a good sign ?? How quickly do things develop from then so they decided to give me a sweep and send me home the sweep hurt like mad and now I’m currently at home they said they will call me when they can break my waters as they are busy I’m 37 plus 5
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Is there a reason they are doing a sweep and breaking your waters at only 37 weeks??

Usually in the uk when you go in for an induction they keep you in but how quickly you dilate depends on your body for some people it’s hours for others it’s longer or shorter. Download a contraction timer and time how often they are coming. The app should tell you when it’s time to head into hospital. Good luck 😌❤️

I went in at 39/2 for an induction, and I was already at 2cm and 70% ,-2. I was in labor for 24 hours.

@Tash health conditions that’s why and my previous births

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