A contraction??

My stomach gets tight and I start cramping. If yes. I definitely been contracting irregularly all night to this morning.
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Probably! Start timing them

If they’re less than 2 minutes apart go to the hospital

Have you lost your mucous plug?

Sounds like it is!!!

Time them. Once they get regular, 5 mins apart for an hour or more then call the hospital or go in to be checked. Don't wait for your waters or plug because there's no guarantee they'll go before active labour starts. My plug didn't go with my second until I started pushing, he was born 40mins later.

Yes what Katie said - my waters never broke - they manually popped it when I started to push and I was 10 cm for hours before that. How many weeks are you? Are you still contracting?

Same thing Katie said happened to me. I actually didn’t know I was having contractions at first.. I thought I needed to use the bathroom or something I ate didn’t feel great in my stomach, but I was wrong. Hope everything goes alright momma 💜

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