My period already ?!

Had cramps yesterday and today im bleeding bright red is it my period ? 9 weeks PP ( 2 months ) i had a c section as delivery
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I had a c section and my first period came about 5 weeks PP. Mine was quite heavy and lasted about a week. It's a good opportunity to use up any maternity pads if you have any left!

@Melissa i don’t have 😭😭😭 ill have to go get only have pads on me right now

Best stock up on some just in case! I also found that even though I had a c section delivery I really struggled with a tampon so I'd say forget those for this period and get some thicker pads 😂

Mine arrived at nearly 12 weeks pp and also had a section. First 2 days were really bad but luckily got a lot lighter really quickly for me

I got my period 8 wks pp. I finished my postpartum bleeding wk 5. Was shocked as I was breastfeeding too 🫣

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