CMPA with normal poo and no rash?

I suspect that my baby may have CMPA as he’s always in pain, congested and has reflux. However, I think his poo is normal and he doesn’t have a rash. Could it still be CMPA?
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Not all babies get all symptoms. I have 2 with cmpa. One was sick all the time, loose poos and rash and no other symptoms. My youngest is sick all the time, loose poos, connection, seems in pain a lot but no rash.

@Jo thanks. Sometimes I think his poo is loose but tbh I don’t really know how it’s suppose to be 🤷‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

It could be cmpa but my guess is if baby is formula fed drs will possibly try to palm off with reflux first so expect that Also cmpa milks cause reflux so that may not get better if milks changed

@Emma-louise his reflux is very mild so I wont let them fob me off with that. My first son suffered extreme reflux, this is definitely different x

Yes definitely don't let them, just seen so many people say they was fobbed off with reflux for quite some time once reflux was mentioned

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