Pasta sauce stain

my husband did not treat it before it went into the wash😭i love this outfit on my girl, how can i get it out?
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I’ve had luck with soaking the stain in shout. When it dries I spray it again. Do that a few times, let it sit overnight, and then rewash. Been able to get some set stains out that way

Buy oxy clean powder make a paste And put it on it let it set and then throw in the wash

I’ve laundry stripped with good luck

My latest trick on tough stains is to make a paste with Dawn, peroxide, and baking soda. I use a toothbrush to get the paste into the fibers of the material, let sit for a bit and then throw in the wash.

Spray and shout is a life saver in our house !

I’ve heard leaving stained clothes out in direct sunlight can take away the stain!

Baby oxiclean

Take a cap full of bleach and a paintbrush and paint all the white parts with the bleach

Do they sell Dreft detergent or stain spray in your area? Oxyclean is good for stains period but I don’t know about using it on kids clothes 😣 cuz I’ve never done it.

Thanks for those who said oxyclean because I wasn’t sure.

Shout at Walmart have the same set

draft stain remover is literally a life saver

I use the dreft stain remover and it’s a lifesaver! Also i wash all the laundry in the house with free and clear detergent and oxy clean!

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