Is this normal??

Is it normal for my baby to grunt like this and to do it VERY often in her sleep and even when she’s awake? She’s not constipated, she poops pretty regularly but watching this is so scary and gives me absolutely no sleep because I just watch her all night to make sure she’s okay. She makes these noises ALL throughout the night😩
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she's gassy, try elevating her mattress with a wedge pillow, burping her more and taking breaks between feedings

I was about to say my baby makes those same noises

My baby does this too!

Mine does that whenever I lay him on his back, but any other position he’s fine

Newborns have super active sleep! Looks/sounds normal to me. Those aren’t distress sounds. My baby does that when he’s swaddled and he’s trying to bust out😅

There’s something called grunting baby syndrome mine does this. It’s when they do this for 10-30 mins before producing a poop lol not in pain but it’s just them figuring out how to poop 💩 it’s super normal! Lol

Looks like she’s trying to poop. Mine does this too. our pediatrician said babies have to learn to release their sphincter which is why they look like they’re straining often. My newborn also grunts constantly, you only need to worry if she grunts with every breath - also straight from our pediatrician.

Thank you everyone! ❤️ definitely have settled this anxiety I’m having over this, I guess my girl will just grunt away lmaooo

My baby is going through the exact same thing ! It’s called infant dyschezia “grunt syndrome “ my doctor said it’s very common in newborns there not in any pain they are just a little confused on what muscles to use so when they grunt and cry there just trying to figure out how to poop you can look more into or ask your doctor for more reassurance, warm baths , gently massaging your baby are some things you can do . When I first noticed my baby doing this I felt so bad and I still feel bad because it’s definitely frustrating for them to not be able to poop as easily as we can but it is just a phase and they will soon learn how to poop ! Don’t worry

Funny, I am experiencing the sammeee thing with my 4 week old baby! The pediatrician said it was completely normal.

I went to the emergency room because of grunting and loud breathing when my son was a week old! It really worried me too, especially after googling… feeling like that may take me down a rabbit hole but had to do my due diligence as a now mama!! They checked his lungs and vitals and all is well for him. They said a valve could just not be open all the way when I showed them a video of his “purr” when he’s dozing. What I learned: always take temp when concerned. if over 100.4, go to the ER. And my pediatrician has an after hours voicemail I can use who did call me at 6am the next morning. He’s now almost a month old and is still very vocal with grunting and purring. He’s doing it right now 😝 There’s never any shame in doing whatever you feel you need to do to make sure your baby is ok. I was treated with respect and not made to feel nuts for going to the ER in the middle of the night🙏🏽🫶🏽

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