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Hi guys! Went to see my consultant today and told him I want a c section due to previous trauma birth he filled out the consent form and said I will be contacted to book a date. How did it take for them to call back cause I’m due in 3 weeks.
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I’ll be 37 weeks on Friday. I’m surprised to see so many people already know their date multiple weeks before. I don’t think my trust gives me a date until days/1 week before

Im 35 weeks, section is planned for 4 weeks time

I been told I will get a date roughly a week before 39 weeks but can be as little as 3 days before! I think each trust is different

Each trust does their own thing. Mine said they’d email me the pre-op and c-sec date 7-10 days before it

I got my date 2 days after I signed the consent form at 34 weeks, but have heard some trusts don’t book until the week before. Most c sections are planned for the 39th week unless there is a medical need for sooner xx

Mine gave me a date on the spot but to be fair. I had a midwife appointment 4 days prior where I mentioned a C section and then I had a scan where I mentioned it again the day before and then the day I was given the date was my diabetic appointment. I don’t think they started looking for dates until the day before I got the date because my medical notes didn’t mention it after my first midwife appointment and she kind of brushed it off and told me to tell them at my diabetic appointment where as my scan, the day before, the report mentioned c section so I’d probably say 1 day but I’ve heard of people waiting a week

As above - it seems every Trust does it differently. I have been told that they aim to give you a date in your 37th week (for the 39th week) but in particularly busy times you can be given 24 hours notice. I’ve also been told right now is a particularly busy time… As someone above said, I’m amazed to see so many women have already been given a date. And also slightly jealous - I would love to be able to start making plans for my toddler. BUT I am also aware that if I wasn’t having a c section, I’d have little to no notice so 🤷🏼‍♀️

Thank you guys! I have emailed my midwife for advice as the consultants was not clear at all so I will update everyone if anyone calls or midwife advice! But yes I think everyone should have a date booked by 37th week

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