Does anyone else have scoliosis and has had their little one, I'm currently 17 weeks in otherwise a healthy pregnancy but I've been told that my back means I'm high risk so can only give birth in a specific hospital. Really wondering if anyone became low risk after meeting the consultant or if it stayed the same?
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hi! i’m only 9 weeks but i have scoliosis and so far my midwife or doctors haven’t said anything about causing risks or complications during pregnancy or birth so that’s strange! maybe if yours is to a worse degree it’ll cause complications but i didn’t think it would since i haven’t been told anything. i know i won’t get the epidural as we’re at higher risk of paralysis from it i believe

I’m 11 weeks and have scoliosis, my midwife hasn’t said anything about me being high risk

Hiya I’m 20 weeks and have thoracolumbar scoliosis I’ve been told I’m high risk as well but not much has been put in place as far as I’m aware I’ve started to have a lot more back pain though x

I have mild scoliosis, I had to meet with the consultant and an anaesthesiologist in case I wanted/needed an epidural. They had to make sure that they could put it in safely if they needed to. I was never told I was high risk though, could you question as to why you’ve been told that etc?

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