Anyone else’s vagina hurts when

they walk? It’s like a random sharp pain in between the legs. Is that normal? It gets really annoying at times, and I have to sit down for it to go away.
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I don’t get it when I walk but sometimes I’ll have a random sharp pain like you’re describing but it’s usually when I’m sitting or lying down. Pregnancy is so weird lol

Could be round ligament? Mine have been affecting more the outside of my hips but in theory it could affect the inside? Weird you have to sit down for it to go away though. Maybe just strain of some kind??? I wouldn't be immediately concerned but I'd probably jot it down to ask at my next appointment

Yes. It's called lightning crotch and starts to happen around 16 weeks. I had it happen with my previous pregnancies and began experiencing it a few days ago with my 3rd. It's been awful. I messaged my doctor about it for advice. There wasn't much advice around the last time I was pregnant but that was like 6 and half years ago. Maybe there's more info now

There's a couple reasons it could be happening. Could be lightening crotch(baby is hitting your nerves there) or it could be a weak pelvic floor. I had a lot of that pain after my first baby was born

I actually remember having it with my first but that was way later towards 9 months, I didn’t think it was lightning crotch cause I didn’t know it could happen this early. I’m 19 weeks now and it’s insufferable, could also be a weak pelvic floor like someone mentioned cause I’ve also been peeing when I sneeze or throw up.

Yes, I googled it, it’s known as a lightning crotch.

I’ll get that or a shooting pain down my thigh

Lady's it's called lightning croch it the most annoying thing I have it now I got it around 14 or 15 weeks get ready for Charle horses

I was told round ligament or lightning crotch, was told to use a belly band to ease pain

I actually had it more before I got pregnant bc I have endometriosis

Yes same as @Kaitlin i get it randomly when I’m sitting down or laying down. I think for me it’s a mix between Round ligament pain and lightning crotch.

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