Baby is SO gassy

My baby is so super gassy. He farts all day and all night. He wakes up so many times at night because he’s so gassy. He’s 3 months. What can I do to help!? Hes not uncomfortable with it, well only at night maybe. He’s breastfed but has 1 bottle of formula before bed each night.
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Get some gas drops saved my life my little guy sleeps like a log once he gets his otherwise he could inflate a blimp

I am wondering if that bottle of formula makes the change 🤔.

@Ashley What drops did you use? 🙂

I’m just using equate gas drops from Walmart. He love the taste and it works almost instantly for him. He has reflux and hiccups and we give him the lowest dosage and he is ready for a nap as soon as he has them.


I use mylicon gas drops and a daily probiotic called biogaia

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