Quiet pregnancy and now lots of texts

Anyone else had a quiet pregnancy and suddenly on due date week, there are texts from people you wouldn’t expect - asking how you are I should be grateful but I feel like what they’re actually doing, is checking whether I’ve had the baby already and they just don’t know
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It was so annoying with my little girl. I went 2 weeks over and people just kept asking and reminding me. Like it wasn't bad enough having to wait for her. I haven't told anyone this time round. Only people that know are folks I see on pretty much a daily basis 🤣

Yep I feel the same way! But mainly just applies to my mother - we've never really had a close relationship but I've seen her more the past couple of weeks then the whole 9 months. We told her that we are thinking of not telling anyone when I'm in labour so we don't get harassed by anyone and now she's messaging all the time - today alone she's asked me 4 times how I'm doing and video called me 3 times, I also had an appt which she called and text me asking how it went whilst I was still there because she'd not even given it 45 minutes 🤦‍♀️ it just feels like she's trying to check in on us now that we've told her we won't be saying anything! I should be grateful to have a bit of a relationship back with her but goodness it's overbearing and really frustrating me 🙈

Yes this is exactly what is happening to me as well. It’s so frustrating, especially when it comes from people who haven’t checked in or made any effort to keep in touch during pregnancy.

@Patricia this is smart! Wish we had done this

@Chelsea I am jaw dropped! This sounds so stressful, I’m so sorry! Gosh that is intense!!

@Brooke yes it’s the worst from people who haven’t spoken to you!! Like what?! How are you checking in now? Almost just because you want an invite to meet baby or want to know the news first

Just don't reply. Keep them hanginv

I got really annoyed with this in my first pregnancy. I know people mean well but when you’re already uncomfortable etc it really doesn’t help! I ended up doing a passive aggressive instagram post saying something like ‘yes I’m doing ok. No there are no signs, and even if there were it doesn’t mean baby will be here inminently. Yes it’s nearly due date. I will let you know when the baby is born.’ 😂😂 not sure that was the best way to handle it but it did stop at least some of the messages 🙈

Yes it annoys me so much! I’m 4 days over due now and everyone’s been messaging “any signs yet”… and mostly people who haven’t bothered with me since announcing 🙄

It’s honestly so bizarre to me that people are reaching out for due date when it could still happen in the next couple of weeks. Had another new person crop up today and a neighbour stop me in the street to ask if any signs of him arriving. It’s the most lovely and annoying thing at the same time 🙈

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