Pregnancy Dreams

Does anyone else have a trend in their dreams?? Both pregnancies, both girls, and I dream so much about open water and watching sharks it’s so weird. What crazy stuff are you guys dreaming of?
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I dreamt that I was in a different country at a summer camp. Apparently I did something illegal so my parents and husband were gunna leave me for 21 days and not support me through trying to clear my name...🤔

I keep having dreams where I’m obviously pregnant but doing illegal things like robbing banks in Vegas was one of them hahahaha

All my dreams have been very Vivid!! Ever since I got pregnant I have all kinds of strange dreams! And they feel so real!!

@Sophia are you having a boy? Seems like we're having similar dreams 🤔😂

I dream about my mom’s mom. I am basically just hanging out with her catching her up on what she’s missed. She only asked where one baby was but with this pregnancy she was essentially catching up and letting me know she was with me

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