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Just looking for some reassurance really. Only 33 weeks but feeling like everything is hard work now. I’m so tired. The pelvic pain and back pain/sciatica plus the lack of sleep is taking its toll on me now. Feel like I’ve got so long to go and should still be relatively alright but right now I’m so low in mood and tired I just don’t know what’s going on.
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I'm the same I'm just about 32+ weeks and it's hitting hard now not help Iv got 3 kids, same can't sleep I fall asleep about 5am then the alarm for the school, so Im feeling emotional just due lack of sleep and sore I went for physio got a support band and crutches but crutches just get in the way, ur defo not alone I'm glad the weather is terrible as the heat would be killing me defo the last bit I find the hardest so ur defo not alone xx

I’m 34 weeks tomorrow and I’m feeling everything you are. 😭 I’m so tired it’s a struggle doing anything

Just know you're much closer than you were and you're not on your own. Xx

33wks today, the pain and lack of sleep is getting me down too. I have referred myself to physio tho, don’t know if you could do that too? X

34 weeks and feeling the exact same sweetie!! All these people and influencers whom make pregnancy look easy, they aren’t real!! Pregnancy is HARD!!! I find it so difficult when I’m low to remember the incredible baby I’m carrying and have created but it is incredible but it’s still hard!! Allow yourself to feel low and do nothing, rest, eat and watch crappy films!! Don’t be feeling guilty for having a tough time or not enjoying it!! When you put pain, discomfort, tiredness, hormones and stress in one person, it’s never going to be easy!! Don’t be too hard on yourself poppet ❤️❤️❤️

Almost 35 weeks and been feeling the same for a fee weeks, need lots of naps have leg cramps and pelvic pain - all fun and games 🤣

@Emma wow I don’t know how you are managing with having the kids as well. I can barely do anything with my dogs. Xx

@Kelly thanks lovely. I just keep thinking it’s not long now but then I realise it could be 🤦🏼‍♀️ and then I remember it’s a gift etc. talk about rollercoaster of emotions xx

@Kat definitely needed to read this today. The guilt is a big thing for me because I think I should be able to do so much more. Xx

@Laura it's not to bad if I didn't have the school and nursery run in the morning lol so I can't wait for the school holidays lol x

@Laura oh me too!! Today I feel crap and low and I’m looking at my kitchen wanting to clean it but I just think no I can’t be bothered and now I feel guilty. But I know I feel low cause I need a day of rest! So we rest!! Keep your head up poppet!! Only ever a message away 🥰❤️

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