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My parents have been messaging and trying to video call me. I said I’m tired. They said they’re worried I’m being so quiet. But I’m so pregnant and just tired. It’s nice they’re checking in but I also want to be left alone as I don’t have the energy. I’ve politely replied to try and say I’m just tired but they’re not having any of it Not sure of hormones are making me a bit irritable over a nice check in, as I’m finding is very frustrating
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I had a couple of angry days recently and ignored the family chat for a while - then the hormones flipped and I wanted to talk my nerves out with my mum - be kind to yourself, we’re on a rollercoaster !!

It's so annoying isn't it! My in laws keep messaging my partner multiple times a day asking if anything is happening. They are looking after our toddler whenever it happens so clearly if something was happening we would have told them😅 Honestly at this point just say nothing is happening and you're tired and sleeping so please don't contact me and that you'll let them know when there is news.

You're not overacting. You're entitled to your space right now!

I’m glad it’s not just me 🙈 It’s making me feel really ungrateful as it’s lovely they’re checking in. But the wording ‘you’re being so quiet, it’s concerning’ was used which felt really dramatic and made me feel I was being rude. I drove two hours to see them on the weekend! So I don’t have the energy to take a phone call from them when I have nothing new to report vs us catching up two days ago I have only just started mat leave too, and my mum text me day 1 saying ‘how’s mat leave going’ and then tried to call me an hour later when I didn’t reply. When I didn’t answer, she said she was just trying to see how my leave was. But it was day 1! I was doing life admin and actually having quite a busy day getting stuff done I’m just exhausted and want some quiet time 🫣😩

I did this. The day I actually went into labour, I got so irritated at my family and ignored the group chat, and put my phone on silent.

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