Aptamil comfort for constipation

Hi girls, my 3 week old is really suffering with constipation for the second time so I’m thinking about switching his formula (currently on c&g). I’ve tried infacol and cool boiled water but nothing is working, he’s had one poo in 3 days 😩 has anyone got any experience with this formula in particular? Going to ask our HV before switching!
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It seemed to work really well for us switching to aptamil both wind and poos. Our health visitor also recommended giving them a bit of milk first then infacol which seems to work best. Or maybe try gripe water as it has a mild laxative as well

Gripe water works best, my daughters on kendamil and seem to have no problems

We swapped from Kendamil to aptimil comfort and he is much more settled and pooing more frequently too x

I switched from kendamil to Aptamil and baby is so much better! After 1 month you can use gripe water which is really good. Midwife also recommended to use 1 bottle of readymade formula bottles as it helps move things along, can also confirm this works 🥰

I switched from cow and gate to kendamil, my daughter was terrible with constipation on cow and gate, Iv seen such a big change since swapping over and it’s only been a week

My baby is on aptamil comfort and he gets on really well with it!! Xx

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