I just got prescribed this prescription to take for 7 days for BV and megasphaera which I never heard of. I’ve been celibate for a year and a half (fyi). I still nurse my two year old, does any moms know about this medication and if it’s safe? My obgyn said it’s safe but I want triple confirmation… Idek how I have this and I’m not even having sex nor a lesbian.
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So BV is the condition which just basically means theres more bad bacteria than good bacteria and megasphaera is the type of bacteria that has overgrown and causing a part of the imbalance. It is considered safe to use while breastfeeding but some babies are know to get diarrhea. BV is not a sexually transmitted infection so you don't need to be having sex to get it. Lots of things cause it, tight clothing, soaps, change in hormones, vaginal douching, having sex can be a factor and trigger it (obviously not in your case), using sex toys, poor toilet hygiene ie wiping back to front. Hopefully you can get it sorted soon

@Kelly now that I’m 33 it’s like my body is sensitive, honestly a lot has changed with circumstances in life which all makes sense to why I have this infection I never heard of

@Kelly I’m nervous about the nursing part and taking the prescription smh

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