Newborn Inserts

Hi! Just wondering when everyone removed the newborn inserts from car seats? For reference we have the ickle bubba rotator and the ickle bubba astral car seats but i cant seem to find an answer in the manuals! Little one is 15 weeks old and weighs just over 14lbs
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It’s usually around 60-65cm x

I think most ickle bubba car seats are from 60cm in height

When the baby is shorter than the height of 60cm, we suggest you use the infant insert. Remove the infant insert when the baby is larger than the height of 60cm. - direct form Ickle Bubba x

Ah fab thank you! Id been looking for a weight limit rather than height which is why i couldnt find anything x

@Emma I think it’s based on height as it affects the way baby’s head rests and the straps

@Emma Same! But we have just removed ours as his head was starting to look massive 😂. He is also good at holding his own head! xxx

@Kacey Haha thats the exact reason i was asking, his little cheeks look all squished now so it got me thinking x

@Emma Haha me too literally yesterday 😂. I left the bottom insert in though just took the head bit xx

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