Yeast infection? Or something else?

Please no judgement On Saturday I had some really bad sex, he used a condom so I know it's not an STD or anything but I think him rubbing my insides while I was dry irritated my area and I'm not sure what to do. Anyone experienced anything similar? Any remedies?
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Could just be chaffing. And condoms are 100% effective in preventing stds fyi ETA if there’s anything going on on the pubic mound of either participant, it can’t protect against that. Like crabs, warts, herpes.

As long as there isn't a hole in the condom they're mostly effective, but they're also usually lubricated. It doesn't take much to throw off feminine pH. Sex, menstrual cycle, soap etc. You could always test your pH and treat possible yeast. If you're just irritated from friction, it will work itself out.

Yeah probably just irritation take it easy for couple days it’ll go away can also ask for teraconazole it’s for yeast as well as vaginitis so it’ll help inflammation/irritation and this way it won’t be so dry while healing once I got so swollen down there for same reason and I actually put ice on it lol bc it was like not it’s usual anatomy it was swollen and then it went away haha

It could be irritation, condoms always dry me out unless we use lube with them. If it gets any worse, I'd definitely see your doctor or pick up some monistat.

Thanks ladies, I appreciate the helpful tips. It's so annoying while I'm working, it feels so itchy but only on the inside. No irritation or rash where I can see.

@Skyla how do I test my ph?

Btw for ph balance boric acid form the store works wonders it treats, yeast infection, bv (ph imbalance) and even just odor but it is a suppository not orally!

It could be thrush x

You can find pH balance test strips in a pharmacy near the feminine products

@Skyla thanks, I had no idea there was a way to test that at home

@Kerrianne but there's no discharge

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