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Hey I am currently having my care at Maidstone but I live in sittingbourne. (I was basically forced to due to controlling ex wanted me to be an out of area patient) after I’ve had my 28 week growth scan and gestational diabetes test I want to change to Medway trust as it is easier for me now I’m single. With Maidstone I’m due scans at 28, 32, 36,39 and 41 weeks. And I’ve also got a midwife appointment booked for 32 weeks too. So inbetween the 28-32 week mark I intend to change to local antenatal care. Does anyone know roughly the schedule for appointments and growth scans with Medway? Thanks in advance
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I was with medway until 36 weeks. They'll offer the same scans if they feel you need them. I had no issues with medway. Medways will be the same weeks as you've listed as I had extras at 28, 32, 36 then changed hospitals. X

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