The sleep monster

Yooooo… the fatigue is like a tidal wave today. Anywhere I lay down is nappable. Luckily I can work when I want to. But I’m still behind on a lot of work. You sleepy? Or wide awake?
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Mad sleepy!!!! Like it is truly wild! 8 weeks x 3 days and it feels like I got hit hard with the fatigue and nausea. And this week the baby decided against chicken. We good with beef but chicken is a no. And we are mad sleepy lol

If I could, I’d sleep all day.

Same. Extra tired and trying not to sleep at work 🫣

Sooo sleepy. Accidental naps during work times 🤫 purposely taking naps during lunch break. And I go to bed like 9pm lol

I napped twice today. We’re going to a little event tonight and I’m very drained just thinking about it. We’re gonna make it babes

Same here!!! It’s so bad that my bf was getting worried. 😟

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