Gestational Diabetes Results

Hi ladies! How long did it take for you to hear back from your gestational diabetes test? Thanks! X
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i heard back the next day. they usually say positives will hear the evening of and negatives will be sent the day after :)

Next day and it was positive x

I didn’t hear at all, they told me no news is good news! But you could always ask your midwife to check your results for you for peace of mind x

My midwife said if its positive they'll contact the next day, if its negative won't hear anything x

i had mine today, they said something will call you if positive and if negative they will upload it on baby notes

No news is good news. I would've heard within 48hrs of my positive results but mine was over the easter weekend so took until after the bank holiday to find out I had it

No news is good news I got told. I checked my badger notes app and the results was updated the next day negative. Xx

I had mine on Friday, phoned me Monday to say positive but did say that I wouldn’t hear from them if negative

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