My period was due on Sunday, but all I’ve had is brown / pink spotting? And I’m extremely tired , not wanting to eat either. Could this be a delayed period? I did do a clear blue pregnancy test but it came back negative. X
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Could you have ovulated later? Sounds like possible implantation

@Chrissie I’m really not sure? It said I should have ovulated the 20th May 🤷🏻‍♀️ me and my husband did have sex that day, plus the 4 other days after that, and this weekend just gone. X

Did you test and get peak or are you just going off what the app predicts? X

Did you test every day since your period ended? X

@Chrissie I didn’t know 😭 I’m new to all this really. We’ve never really tracked or anything since a few months ago. Xx

You could have ovulated earlier and that could be implantation bleeding you've described. Give it a few days and then retest, fingers crossed for you and sending lots of sticky baby dust xx

I ovulated 6 or 7 days earlier than the app predicted last month xx

@Chrissie oh wow I do hope so! Did you get a positive? X

I didn't but my body was still getting back to normal after a mc early January and then a 2nd mc the end of Feb. Fingers crossed for this month though xx

@Chrissie awww I’m sorry. Fingers crossed for us both 🤞🤞 xx

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