Recurrent miscarriages - anyone else?

Hey, I've had 3 consecutive miscarriages in 10 months. Has anyone been in the same boat? Have you been given anything by your drs to help with early pregnancy? Since having my daughter, I've not be able to sustain a pregnancy passed 12 weeks 😢
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Hi Sophia, I’m so sorry to hear of your losses ♥️ I have also been a victim of recurrent miscarriages and it is absolutely heartbreaking. After 4 years of trying and 5 early losses we finally got put through recurrent miscarriage tests and when everything came back normal we got given progesterone pessaries and we are currently 18 weeks pregnant. Genuinely believe it’s the only reason we still have her. I would recommend getting in touch with your doctor. I really hope they give you the help needed ♥️

Hi Sophia, Sorry to read this. I'm on 2 MC trying for my first within 10 months. Let me know if you get any good advice. Annoyingly you have to wait for 3no for anything so I feel I'm a waiting game.

Thanks ladies, I'm sorry to hear you have also had MCs. I have been referred to the MC unit, but have no idea how long that will take. Omg yes, it's heartbreaking that we need to have 3 consecutive MCs just to be referred 😳 @Emily I'll let you know what I find out xx

Hi @Emily sorry for your losses. Not sure if you already tried with your GP, but the guidelines to wait for 3MCs are now less stringent. I had 2 MCs and called my gp, he referred us to a recurrent miscarriage clinic. We have our first appointment on Monday. I had progesterone pressies the last round but I don't think it would have saved it anyway (doesn't quite seem like I have low progesterone issues). I think it might be a combination of poor embryo quality / chromosome abnormalities as our losses all ended about 6 weeks. Hope this helps! xx

@Sabrina my EPU & GP both insisted I wait until I had 3 consecutive MCs before they would refer me (they had to be consecutive too, as I've actually had 4) 😞 glad to know they are not so stringent elsewhere. I hope your appointment goes well!! Xx

@Sophia Ah yes I heard that as well with other people's GP, I'm glad they could refer us! The waiting game is horrible, and I feel I am close to giving up. When is your appointment, and have you done any blood work or scan after your MCs? We actually saw another ob-gyn with my private insurance so we will have 2 appointments next week, one with the private ob-gyn and another with the NHS referred recurrent miscarriage clinic. The ob-gyn gave us 3 options: continue to try naturally, IVF or IVF with PGT. I feel I can't go through another MC or wait even longer esp with my age (am 36) so I think we may just try IVF perhaps the cycle after if it doesn't happen yet. Hope your appointment goes well too! Xx

@Sabrina I'm still waiting for an appointment to come through 🤷‍♀️🙄 Had blood work and scan to confirm MC on my 2nd one, nothing happened on my 3rd. I've just found out I'm pregnant again, which i should be estatic for. However, this will be my 3rd pregnancy in my last 3 cycles. So I'm expecting this to turn out as an MC again 😞 as I'm just following the same pattern with what I have tracked. I know exactly how you feel about your age being a factor. I'm also 36, only had my 1st last year and wanted 3 babies by the time I'm 40. Also menopause starts pretty early I.e. late 30s in my family so trying to rush ha. Fingers crossed which ever route you take, goes well for you xx

All the best @Sophia I hope this one sticks! xx I haven't been able to fall pregnant yet since our last MC in March and we're still also waiting for our first rainbow baby so yes the clock is also ticking!

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