Baby car seat.

I’ve brought a car seat, put the cat seat in my car today and realised I can’t detach it from the base ? Will the hospital be okay with this, letting me take my baby home ? Or will I have to take something into the hospital?
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What do you mean? Do you not have instructions to detach it? It shouldn’t be permanently attached. X

My sons car seat is permanently attached to the isofix (it's a swivelly one) we took the pram into the hospital and noone asked anything about a car seat so either they didn't mind or assumed we were walking home! X

@KryssiThank you!! That’s put my mind to ease… panicking I was then. 🙈 xxx

I was wheeled out in a wheelchair holding baby and the car seat stayed in the car. Unless you have one that fits into your pram, you don’t need to take it into the hospital.

I’m absolutely gobsmacked that you can’t remove your car seat 😂 didn’t even know that was a thing!!

I have the besafe stretch b and I won’t be taking it out the car into the hospital with me so my fiancé will carry baby out to the car seat. I checked with midwife etc and all is fine with that, so will be the same for you x

Sometimes they come out. We carried out the last baby I had and put him in the car seat in the car

@Allie you can remove them but it takes a LOT of effort. It depends what seat it is. Some are very bulky etc. The one I have (besafe stretch b) would be an absolute pain to remove and carry up, to then bring back down and install again. My fiancé is gutted now though as means he can’t have his cliche pic carrying the carseat out the hospital 🤣

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